207 Football is offering a unique opportunity for the development of all football players who are looking to enhance their skill set. The primary focus of the clinics we conduct is to promote player safety through heads-up tackling and overall fundamental skill level for players ages 8-14. 
The clinics are typically run by coaches from various programs within the area. These are great opportunities for coaches to take the extra time to work on fundamental aspects equally with players that often get overlooked during regular season. These are not typically full-contact clinics, however, players will be using tackle donuts and blocking dummies as part of the process. The beauty of the skills clinic is that there is no hidden agenda..no all-stars, no starters, no favorites getting all the attention. I mention this only because it is a problem that is running rampant throughout Youth Sports in this country right now. By bringing players and coaches from other programs together to work towards a common goal, young players learn a great deal about                               sportsmanship and                               respect for one                                     another. The format                               of these programs                                 allows players to                                   get there when                                     they can, while keeping                         other team and family                           obligations.  There will                           be unique drills covered                         weekly, always with an                           underscore of safety and                         fundamentals. 

Coach Mark Feith


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